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Research and Product Development Programme  

Sago Network is committed to ongoing research and product development enabling our processes and the facilities that we provide to be continually improved over time. Our research and product development programme has 4 main areas:

  • Research – There is a number of organisations in PNG and around the world producing reports on product development, social research and data that enables Sago Network to continually improve its approach to addressing the needs of rural and coastal communities in PNG

  • Data collection – Data collection enables Sago Network to know more about the communities in which we work, their social/environmental context and their key motivators for change. Sago Network utilises its network of Australian and PNG universities and willing students to thoroughly research communities, produce reports, use data loggers, document responses and create master plans to provide communities with the means to implement their own changes

  • Product development – with our multidisciplinary team including architects, designers, and engineers, we can respond to needs by the development of products, ensuring that they are environmentally relevant and encourage long-term improvement. 

  • Product trials and testing – Sago Network is open to the trialling of products in the market to test their ability to be used in rural and coastal community contexts 

Sago Network research is generally self-driven as a result of an identified need in water and sanitation projects in rural communities. Sago Network is committed to research and development to enable innovations, creative solutions and research to be brought together to deliver projects in the most effective and efficient way possible. 

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