Sago Studio 2019 - Accepting Applications!

Studio Overview

Sago Studio 2019 will take place in a Central Province coastal village, accessible via road from Port Moresby. The fishing community have traditionally lived in stilt houses over the water with either pit toilets on nearby land or ‘sea toilets’ adjacent to houses that simply drop waste into the sea or onto the sand. In 2015 Sago Network began partnering with two extended families from the community who demonstrated interest to try and address the worsening sanitation challenge. This was achieved by collaborating on the construction, use, maintenance and monitoring of an earlier prototype of the Sago Dry Toilet system. With both Sago Dry Toilets still in use by families, project teams have continued to visit the families to monitor the results since 2015. Sago Network is now partnering with the wider community for Sago Studio 2019.

Sago Studio 2019 will be a collaborative studio with students from both Australian and PNG. Students will be from architecture and community development courses from various universities in Australia and PNG. The Studio will be run by tutors from Sago Network and local community volunteers. Sago Studio 2019 will carry out 3 projects: 

  • Master-planning project

  • Research project 

  • Education project 

The outcomes for Sago Studio 2019 are:

  • Produce a master-plan for immediate and on-going development planning within the village 

  • Carry out a community survey and document results, identifying strengths, opportunities and challenges within the village 

  • Build upon existing resources and facilitate health, hygiene and sanitation education workshops as well as the ‘train the trainer’ workshop to ensure sustainability into the future

Student Applications

Sago Network is currently accepting applications for Sago Studio 2019 from Australian students from the field of architecture and PNG students from architecture and community development.

Australian applications close: Wednesday, 12th December, 2018 at 4pm

PNG applications close: Friday, 30th November, 2018 at 4pm

For the Studio Overview, application forms and inquiries, please email: network@sagocollective.com