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Sanitation Programme

Sago Network offers 2 types of toilet facilities; the Sago Dry Toilet (SDT) and the Ventilated, Improved Pit (VIP) toilet facilities for communities in high ground areas. 

Community Facilities

Sago Network believes in a family model of toilet ownership and encourages family groupings to actively build their own toilet facilities. Community sanitation programmes offered to rural communities provide sanitation and hygiene awareness as well as facilitation of the construction of toilets that encourages ownership and long-term care of facilities. A typical community toilet programme includes:

  •  Hygiene awareness and promotion

  • Formation of village sanitation and water committee

  • Master-planning of location for toilets throughout a community

  • Self-funded, self-built toilet facilities using the Sago Dry Toilet system base only model whereby families complete the toilet using their own locally sources materials 

School Facilities

Sanitation programmes for schools require a holistic approach to education, awareness and maintenance. The Sago Network school sanitation programme includes consideration of:

  • Facilities that consider Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) with the incorporation of female wash facilities, disabled access ramps and increased privacy/security

  • Hygiene awareness through education and awareness workshops which educate students about healthy hygiene habits 

  • Hygiene behaviour – toilets are always installed with hand washing facilities that are located along the path of travel and include clear signage and reminders for students

  • Maintenance programmes and capacity building of the local community to engender ownership of the facilities for long term care

  • Smaller children are catered for with smaller toilet seats and lower pedestals


Other Facilities

 Sago Network provides sanitation solutions for a number of other community situations including:

  • Rural health aid post facilities

  • University or tertiary institutions 

  • Staff or teacher housing

  • Surf retreats and guest houses

  • Church toilet facilities